Treating Tired, Achy, Heavy, Crampy legs and Cosmetic Spider Veins

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Skin changes from Varicose Vein

Unhealthy blood flow in the saphenous vein will cause increase in pressure in the vein and inflammation in the tissue. The inflammation turns the tanning system on and causes areas of the lower leg to appear darker, or to have hyperpigmentation. Treating the venous disease will eliminate the pressure, turn the tanning system off and improve hyperpigmentation.


Spider veins more common in women

Spider veins can develop from enlargement of pre-existing veins, heredity, hormone containing medications, hormonal fluctuations, and pregnancy, thus, spider vein are more common in women. Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for spider veins on the legs. A safe, painless solution is injected into abnormal veins causing them to shrivel and disappear. Spider veins on the face appear to respond better to laser treatments.


Best treatment for Spider Vein


varicose veins

Visible varicose veins  frequently are indicators of a circulation problem in the veins under the skin. If so, the situation may be a medical problem and treatments may be covered by insurance. Evaluations are also usually covered by insurance and all evaluations and treatments are done in the office. Usually no referral is neceesary. Call 919-405-4200. The well trained, experienced office staff can answer your questions.

free vein seminar

Want to learn more about veins? The staff at Carolina Vein Center does free educational seminars usually twice a month on both the medical and cosmetic issues and treatment of  leg veins. The seminars are free and include, not only a presentation, but free dinner and dessert, too, at Johnny Carino’s near Southpoint Mall.  call Fran Alexander at 919-403-1075 to attend.

Carolina Vein Center – tired, achy, heavy legs

Tired, achy, heavy legs?

If you ever feel like your legs are tired and heavy and you just want to elevate and massage them to make them feel beter, you are probably suffering from chronic venous insufficiency. Simply put, it is unhealthy circulation in your superficial leg veins where blood flows down your leg, pools and collects instead of flowing up your legs. This is a medical condition and the evaluation and simple office treatments are  covered by most insurance companies. call carolina vein Center today 919-405-4200 and go to to learn more

Restless Legs?

Restless Leg Syndrome is a vague condition which affects many adults! Because the condition is poorly understood, so are the treatments. What is known is that 30% of those affected with restless leg syndrome complain of actual pain in thier legs! Many get relief from leg discomfort when they move thier legs and many move their legs involuntarily. What is known is if abnormal circulation is present in the legs veins, that treatment of the leg veins can improve symptoms >50% of the time. To get your legs veins evaluated, call Carolina Vein Center 919-405-4200! MOst insurance plans (including medicare) cover the evaluation and if necessary, the treatments.

Swollen, tired, achy, heavy legs … a medical problem?

Swollen, tired, achy, heavy legs, especially at the end of the day, may be due to unhealthy circulation in leg veins. These veins are just underneath the skin and typically can not be seen. Usually, one way flow valves in the legs help keep blood moving against gravity from the feet back to the heart. If those valves do not function properly, blood flow in the legs may be unhealthy and blood flows backwards, called venous reflux. 1 in 5 Americans has venous reflux! Since it is a progressive condition, 1 in 3 seniors has it.

Reflux causes blood pooling and congestion in the legs causing veins to distend. This results in swollen, tired, achy, heavy legs. It can also cause leg discomfort, itching, tenderness, restless and cramping, especially with prolonged standing or at the end of the day.

Reflux is easily diagnosed in a vein clinic with a duplex ultrasound evaluation performed by a specially trained technician. The flow in the leg veins is checked and veins are mapped. If reflux is present and causing symptoms, it may be a medical problem. If so, most insurance plans cover the treatments, including Medicare. Most evaluations are also covered by insurance.

Treatments are simple, short procedures performed in the office setting. Treatments usually consist of endovenous laser ablation, sclerotherapy (injections to close veins) and / or phlebectomy (mini extraction of vein.) Go to to see a short on line video and to learn more about these conditions and procedures.

If venous reflux is long standing, it may be responsible for chronic venous insufficiency causing bulging varicose veins, skin changes, pigmentation changes and even skin ulcers. Don’t let your reflux progress, call 919-405-4200 for your evaluation.

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