Treating Tired, Achy, Heavy, Crampy legs and Cosmetic Spider Veins

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Carolina Vein Center in Durham, NC

CVClogo_v3m05_FINAL_REVERSE_web grey urlVaricose vein can cause a number of symptoms including tired, achy, heavy, night cramps, redness, swelling, restless legs and tingling. For an evaluation, call CVC at 919-405-4200.Findings Chronic Venous Disease


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Skin changes from Varicose Vein

Unhealthy blood flow in the saphenous vein will cause increase in pressure in the vein and inflammation in the tissue. The inflammation turns the tanning system on and causes areas of the lower leg to appear darker, or to have hyperpigmentation. Treating the venous disease will eliminate the pressure, turn the tanning system off and improve hyperpigmentation.

Findings Chronic Venous Disease

Ankle/leg swelling

Ankle spider veins

Skin breakdown

Tender to touch

Dark shin skin


Bulging veins

Dry skin

Night cramps in the leg

Night cramps can be caused by venous reflux or varicose vein. What is venous reflux? To keep blood moving against gravity toward the heart, leg veins have one way flow valves. However, if those valves do not function properly, blood may flow backwards, or reflux, down the leg. When you get a night cramps, walk it out. If the cramps improve with walking, they may be caused by venous reflux or varicose veins.

Spider veins more common in women

Spider veins can develop from enlargement of pre-existing veins, heredity, hormone containing medications, hormonal fluctuations, and pregnancy, thus, spider vein are more common in women. Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for spider veins on the legs. A safe, painless solution is injected into abnormal veins causing them to shrivel and disappear. Spider veins on the face appear to respond better to laser treatments.

What causes varicose veins?

Venous reflux creates pooling and congestion of the blood in the legs making veins distend and causing tired, achy, heavy, swelling, itching, tenderness, night cramps and even pain, especially with prologed standing or at the end of the day. In some cases, venous reflux may be responsible for restless leg syndrome.

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Best treatment for Spider Vein


Most problem veins are under the skin and not visible

Did you know most leg symptoms: tired, achy, heavy, tender, swollen, restless, burning, night cramps may be from medical leg vein problems? Evaluation and treatments are usually covered by most insurance plans. Treatments are simple and performed in-office with little or no down time. learn more at or call (919) 405-4200 today!

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